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Penurunan harga! SOCOMEC ITYSE-TW010BU 1000VA Expand



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1000VA / 800 Watt

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Rp 5.658.750

Rp 7.545.000


Manual bypass (option)


Specially designed for ITYS ES, the manual bypass option enables:
• simplified installation: connection to the system is made with industrial grade terminals, while connection to the UPS is via the pre-wired plug and socket supplied.
• easy maintenance and uninterrupted operation: thanks to the manual bypass isolator it is possible to service or replace the UPS while maintaining the power supply to the devices downstream in complete safety for the operator. This operation has been specially devised to be simple to carry out, even in an emergency.
• increased level of equipment immunity to surge voltages, typical for this type of application, thanks to suitable surge arrestors included in addition to standard UPS protection.


Programmable clean contacts board (option)


Dedicated interface with clean contacts, can be installed on the rear slot: gives the status of the UPS with five potential-free contacts and provides an input for remote emergency stopping (EPO).




Rear view connections


1. Fan
2. Slot for optional communication boards
3. RS232 serial port (JBUS protocol)
4. Telephone / modem / ASDL line protection
5. Output sockets (IEC 320)
6. Input socket (IEC 320)
7. Manual bypass
8. Input protection (Thermal breaker)
9. Output terminals
10. Connection for external battery cabinet (LB models only)



Technical data


Sn1000 VA2000 VA3000 VA
Pn800 W1600 W2400 W
Input / output1/1
Rated voltage230 V (110÷300 V)
Rated frequency50/60 Hz
Power factor0.98
Rated voltage208 / 220 / 230 / 240 V (± 2 %)
Rated frequency50 / 60 Hz (45÷55 Hz / 54÷66 Hz)
Overloadup to 150 % for 10 seconds
Crest factor3:1
Connections3 x IEC 320
6 x IEC 320
4 x IEC 320
(C13) + terminals
Typesealed lead-acid maintenance free - expected lifetime 3-5 years
Back-up time at 75% of the rated load(1)10 min17 min9 min
Sized for a back-up time of115 min @ 50 W154 min @ 100 W216 min @ 150 W
Back-up time(2) + switching back on60 min @ 50 W60 min @ 100 W60 min @ 150 W
Battery test
InterfacesRS232 - USB
Ethernet adapterNET VISION (TCP / IP & SNMP) optional card
Local communication softwareLocal View
Online modeup to 92%
Ambient service temperature0 °C to +40 °C (15 °C to 25 °C for maximum battery lifetime)
Relative humidity< 95% non-condensing
Maximum altitude1000 m without de-rating
Noise level at 1 m< 50 dBA
UPS cabinet
Dimensions W x D x H145 x 400 x 220 mm192 x 460 x 350 mm
Weight13 kg31 kg60 kg
Degree of protectionIP20
SafetyIEC/EN 62040-1, AS 62040.1.1, AS 62040.1.2
EMCIEC/EN 62040-2, AS 62040.2
Product certificationCE, RCM (E2376)
 ITYS ES - Manual bypass(3)
Sn1000 VA2000 VA3000 VA
Type of terminalsCBD6
Wire size6 mm2 max
Switching positions1: UPS - 2: MAINS
Switching time6 ms max
Load output
Type of terminalsCBD6
Wire size6 mm2 max
UPS supply output
Type of socketIEC 320 10 AIEC 320 16 A
Surge arrestors (on request)
Type“L” in compliance with CEI EN 61643-11
L/N pulse current40 kA (8/20) max
VAC N/GND255 V max
VAC L/N320 V max

(1) @ 25 °C with charged battery.
(2) Factory setting: back-up time limited to 60 minutes to permit subsequent restarting with battery.  
(3) Upon request.

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1000VA / 800 Watt

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UPS / Power Backup

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